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Production and Control

product performance and quality

Product high performance is achievement primarily by the composition of the elements. Carbide has varying mixtures of WC, TaC, TiC, NbC, Co / Ni etc. which determine the degree of hardness.  Desired hardness depends on the application of the carbide object to be produced. These mixtures are sintered and pressed with modern technologies obtaining the raw product which is subsequently ground with CNC and hydraulic machines.



To guarantee the quality of our products, we carry out strict controls at each stage of the production cycle. Our lab is furnished with current prevailing technical equipment, allowing allows us to examine not only physical technological data points along with metallographic properties, but also the dimensional and qualitative specifications of the material:


  • MITUTOYO QUICK SCOPE Visual Measuring System;
  • NIKON Microscope
  • VISION Stereo Microscope
  • PMITUTOYO Profile Projector
  • Various Other Instruments
proiettore di profili Mitutuoyo

MITUTOYO Profile Projector

Microscopio Nikkon

NIKON Microscope

Quick scope Mitutoyo

MITUTOYO quick scope Visual Measuring System

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